Mike Long
I’m Mike Long, founder of Valtos Consulting. My specialties include coaching and mentoring teams to adopt modern technical practices in hostile embedded and legacy environments.

I have over 10 years of professional software engineering experience, working in a variety of cultures and business domains. I consider software as a craft, and enjoy sharing the pursuit of technical excellence with fellow professionals.

I am active in the software community. As founder and organizer of the Beijing Software Craftsmanship Meetup I have helped bring together passionate software craftsmen to share experience and skills. I am also a regular speaker and workshop facilitator at international conferences in Europe and Asia, with focus areas on Cleaning Code, Testing Legacy C, Long Life Software, and C++ Toolchains. In addition, I also organize and facilitate workshops such as coding dojos and code retreats.

Conquering Large Legacy Software Book

Conquering Large Legacy Software

I am currently working on a book project entitled “Conquering Large Legacy Software“.